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We at CNRx welcome everyone interested in improving college health through nature engagement to join our network as a member. All three membership levels are free, and once you complete this form, you are encouraged to share your membership credentials on your official communications and CV/resume to show your dedication to promoting campus health through nature engagement.

CNRx Individual Membership is free and open to anyone interested in this movement. This membership level includes a subscription to the bi-monthly newsletter and a ticket to the annual CNRx symposium, held each year in Oct or Nov.

CNRx Affiliate Institution Membership is free and open to anyone affiliated with a college or university interested in supporting campus health and well-being through inclusive and equitable nature engagement outreach, teaching, and/or research. To apply to be a CNRx Affiliate Member, complete the Membership Form.

CNRx Active Institution Membership is free and open to representatives of institutions with on-going appointments and that manage established (1 year or more) outreach, teaching, and/or research related to nature and campus health and well-being. Active members design and run their own programs. 

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* Applications are reviewed 3-4 times a year. If/when you have been approved, the representative listed on your form will be contacted.