Nature Rx @ UConn

University of Connecticut

NatureRx at UConn (Est. 2020) promotes the well-documented benefits of spending time in nature for improved mental health, stress reduction, increased concentration and general well-being for students, staff and faculty.  The Storrs campus of the University of Connecticut is situated in the town of Mansfield, which contains over 120 miles of hiking trails distributed across multiple properties that are supported by the university, the town and a local land conservation trust.  Our website compiles lists of places to go, descriptions and maps for how to get there for quiet spaces, hikes near campus, as well as hikes that require transportation.  The site will also serve as a general hub for NatureRx activities, announcements, resources, researchers, participating student groups and more.

NatureRx at UConn is just beginning to establish educational activities around nature, mental health and social justice. By gathering resources across campus, NatureRx at UConn aims to support increased mental health for our students, bring together student groups, and inspire collaborative research and outreach initiatives. Our campus partners include UConn’s: 

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