Wellness in Nature

SUNY Geneseo

The Wellness in Nature program at SUNY Geneseo (Est. 2019) is still in its infancy, but since the establishment of the program, it has developed a web page that gives students, faculty, staff, and community members information and resources on how/why to access the outdoors. Members of the program have created an interactive map that shows areas on campus and nearby that individuals can go to experience/enjoy the benefits of being outside. Each icon has a brief description of the area as well as a photo. In addition to the website and map, the program has hosted several nature walks at the campus arboretum. The Wellness in Nature program works with the health and counseling department to hand out wellness in nature cards to help bring this information to students who may be looking for measures to help ease stress/anxiety, as well as improve overall wellbeing. 


Interactive map

For more information on this program, contact: Keith Walters, walters@geneseo.edu