Campus Nature Rx

Texas A&M University, College Station

Campus Nature Rx at Texas A&M University in College Station (Est. 2021) 

The Campus Nature Rx program at Texas A&M improves time spent in nature for students, faculty and staff through a focus on increasing access to greenspaces, nature-based activities and nature prescriptions. Student and faculty research projects and class activities also support the network. 

Texas A&M also collaborates with Houston Methodists and Texan by Nature on the Center for Health & Nature. The Center conducts research in three key areas: nature in preventative medicine, the health role of nature in urban environments, and nature-based intervention for disease management. The Center for Health & Nature Collaborative Research Innovation Fund supports multi-institutional pilot projects that bring together leading experts to tackle key questions in the field of health and nature with evidence we can use to inform solid public health, public policy, and conservation strategies.

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