About Us

Dr. Don Rakow, CNRx Co-Director

Dr. Don Rakow joined the Cornell faculty in 1987 and served as an associate professor in the Section of Horticulture in Cornell University’s School of Integrative Plant Science. Rakow also served as the Elizabeth Newman Wilds Director of Cornell Botanic Gardens (formerly Cornell Plantations) from 1996–2013, and as Plantations’ associate director from 1993 to 1995. He continues to be actively involved in teaching, speaking, research, and undergraduate and graduate advising. Rakow created and co-directs the Cornell Graduate Program in Public Garden Leadership, his research includes a focus on the impact of time in nature on human health and behavior, and is also the co-author of Nature Rx: Improving College Student Mental Health.

Dr. Dorothy Ibes, CNRx Co-Director

Dr. Ibes is faculty in William & Mary's Environment & Sustainability program, founding director of the Parks & Ecotherapy Research Lab, co-director of the Campus Nature Rx Network (Est. 2019), and a certified ecotherapy guide. As an human-environment geographer, Ibes's research, teaching, outreach, and ecotherapy work aims to forge mutually-beneficial human-nature relationships and promote mental health and environmental stewardship through deep nature connection. She teaches courses including “The Science & Experience of Ecotherapy” and “Mapping for Community Nature Rx,” and her recent research includes: Campus Nature Rx: How investing in nature interventions benefits college students, The role of campus greenspace and meditation on college students’ mood, Barriers to nature engagement by youth of color, and Greenspace ecotherapy interventions: The stress-reduction potential of green micro-breaks integrating nature connection and mind-body skills.

Kristin Broderick, Program Manager 

Kristin Broderick is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), and has held a variety of leadership roles in her tenure as a mental health professional. She is the Founder, and Director of Wellbeing Initiatives at SHINE, a farm and nature-based therapeutic initiative. Her farm team offers nature connectedness solutions for overall wellbeing. She is a Community Partner with Princeton University’s first-generation, low-income (FLI) students, providing opportunities to build and maintain an intentional relationship with nature and the land. Kristin joined Campus Nature Rx as the Program Manager in the Spring of 2024.