About Us


Campus Nature Rx initiatives are organized programs that encourage and support students and other campus community members to spend time in nature. Any campus, urban to rural, can support a successful Campus Nature Rx program.

Primary values for Campus Nature Rx programs include:

  • An emphasis on facilitating mental and physical health on university and college campuses, though nature engagement. Nature here can include urban to wild contexts.

  • Inclusive of individuals of all ethnicities, abilities, and age groups.

History of the Network

Research conducted for the book, ‘Nature Rx: Improving College-Student Mental Health,’ revealed that a number of colleges and universities had recently turned to an ancient source – time in nature – to contribute to their students’ health and well-being.

To further this burgeoning movement, in January 2019, representatives from four campuses met virtually to discuss each school’s unique approach. During this meeting it was determined the members needed a way of regularly communicating their successes, failures, and innovative ways of encouraging young people to engage with nature. This led to the creation of the Campus Nature Rx Network which, as of December 2019, included 20 U.S. and Canadian institutions as members. A weekly e-newsletter keeps members informed, and provides opportunities for cross-campus discussions and collaborations.

To request membership and to join the listserv, please send the following via our contact form:

1. Name of and contact information for the program lead (i.e. university or college faculty, staff, or faculty/staff-sponsored student); and

2. A short description of your program (existing or planned). A prescription component is not a requirement of these programs.

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