Campus Nature Rx Network

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous - Aristotle

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About CNRx

Research conducted for the book, ‘Nature Rx: Improving College-Student Mental Health,’ revealed that a number of colleges and universities had recently turned to an ancient source – time in nature – to contribute to their students’ health and well-being.

To advance this burgeoning movement, in January 2019, representatives from four campuses met virtually to discuss each school’s unique approach. During this meeting it was determined the members wanted a means of sharing their successes, failures, and innovative ways of encouraging young people to engage with nature. This led to the creation of the Campus Nature Rx Network.

As of April 2022, CNRx represents 42 U.S. and Canadian institutions. Members conduct research and/or organize campus nature programs that support campus mental and physical health though inclusive and equitable nature engagement.

A monthly newsletter and annual symposium keeps members informed, provides opportunities for cross-campus discussions and collaborations, and serves to share the work of the group with those outside the network.

Don Rakow (Cornell University) and Dorothy Ibes (William & Mary) are the co-chairs of the CNRx network.

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CNRx members coordinate research or ongoing programming that supports health on campuses via nature engagement. Membership is free. To join CNRx as a member institution fill out the New Member form.