CNRx Symposium, 2021

CNRx Symposium, 2021

The 2021 Campus Nature Rx Symposium was hosted by William & Mary, University of Maryland, and Calvin University on Oct 22, 2021. During the one-day virtual symposium, twelve speakers from member colleges and universities spoke about their campus nature rx programs. The meeting was particularly geared towards people interested in starting or expanding campus nature programs, curious about the movement and wanting to learn more, and/or looking to network with like-minded people. Symposium recording and agenda is posted below.

CNRx Symposium Agenda with Timestamps - Oct 22, 2021

00:00-05:22 - Welcome: Don Rakow, Cornell University

Sessions I: Campus Nature Rx

05:22-22:07 - Dorothy Ibes, William & Mary

22:07-38:56 - Jeanette Henderson, Calvin University

38:56-58:39 - Don Rakow, Cornell University

59:03-1:30:32 Guided Nature Meditation: Tamberly Conway, Conservation Conexions

Session II: Innovative Campus Nature Programming

1:30:36-1:37:35 - Haven Kiers & Stacy Parker, University of California-Davis

1:37:35-1:47:08 - Cheryl Wheeler, University of Washington

1:47:08-1:57:30 - Amber Garrard, Yale University

1:57:30-2:11:07 - Tamberly Conway, Conservation Conexions

Session III: Innovative Campus Nature Programming, continued

2:11:07-2:18:53 - Shane Tedder, University of Kentucky

2:18:53-2:28:46 - Bryan Thompson-Nowak, Morris Arboretum

2:28:46-2:40:31 - Sarah Wallace, Morris & Ritchie Associates

2:40:31-2:45:18 - Margot Vanyan, Student, William & Mary

Session IV: Facilitated Discussion, Pandemics and Parks: Parity?

2:45:18-03:03:08 - Jennifer Roberts, University of Maryland

03:16:10-03:17:37 - Acknowledgements - Dorothy Ibes, William & Mary

Welcome: Don Rakow, Cornell University